Prodigy-S Workplace Breathalyser

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Accurate & High Volume Testing

Prodigy S 

Monitor & keep track of your employees' breath alcohol concentration with Andatech Prodigy S. Accurate for fast & high volume testing.

Bluetooth printer option available.

Accurate & reliable

Accuracy of ±0.005 g/210L at 0.100 g/210L. Australian Standard AS3547:2019 certified.

Fast specific and passive tests

Response time of 3 seconds and recovery time of 5 seconds.

No room for error

Clean air test to ensure the mouthpiece and sensor are clear of alcohol from any previous tests.

Large built-in memory

Store up to 10,000 test results with employee information, including if the subject refused to take a test.

Clear 2.4” TFT colour touch screen

Navigate the settings and input data with your fingers or the included stylus pen on the screen.

Export data to your PC

Export your employees' breath alcohol data to a PC with a USB cable. Download software for this.