DrugSense Urine 11 type+Alcohol

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Detect AMP, BZO, COC, K2, MET, THC, OPI, OXY, MTD, BAR & KET through urine in 1 test. Tamper-proof. Cut-off levels comply with AS/NZS4308:2008.

  • Standard: Complies with AS/NZS 4308:2008
  • AMP: 300ng/ml
  • BZO: 200ng/ml
  • COC: 300ng/ml
  • METH: 300ng/ml
  • OPI: 300ng/ml
  • OXY: 100ng/ml
  • THC: 50ng/ml
  • BAR: 300ng/ml
  • K2: 50ng/ml
  • KET: 1000ng/ml
  • MTD: 300ng/ml
  • ALC: 0.04%BAC
  • Adulterants: Oxidants (OX), Specific Gravity (S.G.), pH, Nitrite (NIT), Glutaraldehyde (GLUT), Creatinine (CRE)
  • Temperature Strip: Yes

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