TTEMD98N 98 Piece EVA Screw & Bit Driver Set

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98 piece set containing a wide range of screwdrivers covering all types and including a range of 1000 volt insulated screwdrivers which have been produced and tested according to the EN60900 standard.

The screwdrivers are approved for working up to 1,000 volt AC. The set comes supplied in a two colour EVA block which has been computer milled to house each specific tool.

The top layer of the block is black and the bottom layer is red so that as soon as a tool is taken out, the shape of the tool is clearly visible.

The EVA block is also etched with the size or description of the tool next to it's position so that if a tool is missing not only can the space be clearly seen but the missing tool can be identified quickly. (570x375x50mmm, 2.83 kilos).